The Kitchen Sink

In our house, the kitchen sink is the lynchpin of the household workings.  It’s the home of laundry (we have a little washing machine that hooks up to the sink), cooking prep, and of course, dishes.  

I think the biggest step my partner and I have taken towards “maturity” is when we started doing the dishes every day.  Of course there is the odd night when the bedtime routine extends waaaaay past the normal hour, disrupting everything (we have a 2-year-old), and we leave it till the next day, but 99 nights out of 100, the dishes get washed.

If they don’t get washed, the laundry doesn’t get done and we don’t have clothes to wear to work.  And more importantly, if the dishes don’t get done, it’s awfully hard to prepare the meals, and we end the week with a train-wreck of take-out pizza and unnecessarily high food costs.

I can’t think of another single factor in our household that matters so much to our daily routines.  A well-organized clean and functional kitchen sink saves us time, money and our sanity.

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