Hobbies that Give

Hobbies are great.  They can enrich our lives, release the “seeking” hormone in our brains that is one of the best highs a human can feel, help us meet new people, teach us new skills . . .

Hobbies can also be very expensive.  There’s always fancier equipment to buy, and lovely supplies, and even conferences, etc.  I’m totally guilty of getting excited about a new craft or project, buying a bunch of beads and pliers, let’s say, and never making more than 1 pair of earrings.  

So for now, in the interests of saving money, I’m concentrating on hobbies that 1. are cheap, and 2. produce something.  I’m avoiding all new hobbies that require new supplies, and focusing on what I’ve already got the stuff for, waiting for me in my closet.

In this spirit, I’ve gone back to sewing.  In particular, I’ve been sewing cloth napkins.  I was inspired by the gorgeous fabrics they’ve got for sale at Mimi & Lulu in Sudbury.  They have these fantastic remnant bags of colour co-ordinated fabrics from their collection, including some vintage fabrics, the perfect inspiration for beautiful dinner napkins.

Cloth napkins!  What a brilliant idea.  I was motivated to make some after my last purchase of paper towels, at $8 for the package.  Sure, we don’t use very many, but isn’t it a waste, when we could be working with something re-usable, better for the environment, and much more lovely to use?

So far I’ve made enough to keep our little family going, and have started giving them as gifts.  My first set of 4 were met with real appreciation, and I’m working on another set now.  I’ve worked through all of the usable fabric from my Mimi & Lulu bag, and am now moving on to the fabric that’s been sitting in my closet for years & years, including rescuing some fabric from my old out-dated clothes.

So another off-shoot of this is that these home-made gifts cost me little more than time.  I can make something thoughtful that someone else will appreciate, using materials I already have on-hand, something good for the environment, and which will save them money, and it saves me the cost of buying a gift from the store.


One thought on “Hobbies that Give

  1. Yes, I know this, this urge to buy new crafty supplies… I’m in need of bobbin-lace bobbins now. I have some borrowed from my grandma, who taught me the basics, but I need my own… In this case, though, I’m sticking to it, because it’s something I want to carry on in the family. My grandma does it, her grandma did it…

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