Lansdowne Farmer's Market: Open for the season!

Today was the second week of the Farmer’s Market at Lansdowne Park, and my first visit of the season.  Hooray!  

I love the Farmer’s Market.  I mean I LOVE it!  I love meeting the farmers, seeing what’s actually in season this week, and the fact that it’s possible to buy local pastured organic meats.  It makes my carnivorousness a wee bit less guilt-ridden.

Not much on the produce slate this week but I picked up some meat: some pork spareribs and some bison pepperoni.  

I almost never buy pork because I’ve read so much about the cruelty involved in raising them in CAFOs.   So it was very exciting to buy from a small local producer, Upper Canada Heritage Meats, raising a heritage breed on pasture, by organic principals.  I’m going to cook the spareribs on Friday in my new slow cooker, and will try out a new barbecue sauce recipe at the same time.  They also sell lard, for just $1 per pound, including “Leaf Lard” which I learned is amazing for pastry (and cheaper than Tenderflake!), and back fat, which I might just use to make some soap.  

The bison pepperoni was from Pykeview Meadows.  I’m planning to make pizza on Wednesday, and couldn’t find anything at Hartmann’s other than the pre-sliced Ziggy’s garbage.  I got to try a chunk and it was de-licious!  Can’t wait for Wednesday!

My only other purchase was a little head of lettuce from Waratah Downs.  It’s a beautiful curly head of red-tinged buttery lettuce, as lovely as it is delicious.  The season is off to a great start!

The most special part of going to the market is bringing my little girl.  We look for the bees, talk about what’s for sale, and she gets the idea that this kind of shopping can be a totally normal part of life.  Maybe when she’s older, it will be.


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