The best time of the day

I’ve never been an early riser.  There have been times in my life, back when I was a grad student, when I would happily stay up until 3 am and get up some time after 11 am.  That was a looooong time ago.

I used to have a friend who got up at 5 am just to get an hour of peace before the others woke up! I’ve heard of other moms doing this and I always balked at it.  But things have changed.  

I never thought I’d join those ranks, but lately I’ve been getting up early, earlier than I have to, before anyone else gets up, to have some time to myself.  Granted, the rest of the house sleeps pretty late by normal standards; My husband often gets up around 8:30, and somehow makes it to work by 9 am, and even our toddler rarely rises before 8, so I’m lucky enough that  7 am start buys me a good hour of blogging time.

The trade-off is that I get less husband-time in the evening.  I’ve been falling asleep most nights as I put our daughter down.  Now, my husband hasn’t said anything–maybe he enjoys that quiet time to himself too–but I suspect he misses our routine of watching downloaded TV shows on the couch before bed.  Once again, being a mom involves juggling everyone’s needs and still finding time to meet your own.

I have to confess: my new habit didn’t come out of thin air.  It came after our recent trip overseas, and the resulting jet lag made sleeping in impossible.  The first morning we were up at 4:30 am, and the next two days at 6 am, and though I didn’t get my quiet alone time since my daughter actually woke me up, I really enjoyed the relaxed pace of the morning after such an early start.

So, I can’t promise it will last (and I’m sure it won’t last once Tiny Baby comes on the scene in late September), but I guess I could say I’m hanging on to a bit of my jet lag.

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