More Sourdough

First let me say–Yum Yum!!  It is so great to eat home-baked bread every day.  And the ingredients are no more than flour, salt, water and starter (which is really just more water & flour . . . plus a little magic).

So, yay me.  

But once again it didn’t rise much at the end, and the loaves are pretty flat.  I tried giving them a longer rising time and shaping them more “firmly” (in the hope that a tight shape would be less slack, and hence, rise more.  They did rise a little better than last time, but are still not what I would call “sandwich bread”.  These would be sandwiches for elves.

I’ve been doing some reading online to try and figure out what I can do differently, and came across something about whole wheat flour having more phytates in it, making it harder to work with.

Now, I’m using what might be referred to as “white whole wheat” or as the store explains, “white flour with the germ added back in”.  I can’t get organic white bread flour in downtown Ottawa.  Cannot.  So weird.  So I’m stuck with it for now.

One post I read suggested using some spelt flour in the mix.  Now, I know I can get spelt flour (though I swore I’d never use it!), so maybe I’ll try a little of that in the mix and see whether that improves things.

Another suggestion was to use less water to make the dough firmer.  I can try that as well.  And if all else fails I can stop dividing it into 2 loaves, and just make one rather dense, but “sandwich-sized” loaf.

The wonderful thing about all this is that in the process of trial and error, I get to eat all my mistakes.  And while they might not be beautiful, boy are they tasty!!


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