When it's not really a deal

So, it’s the Great Glebe Garage Sale today . . . and I’ve woken up finding that I don’t really care.  I’m not pooh-poohing this amazing event; it’s a phenomenal way to get out, get some exercise, meet your neighbours and friends . . . and buy stuff.

It’s all too tempting to whip out those bills when the buys are all super-cheap yard sale prices.  Last year I picked up a bunch of Barbies for Madeleine (which have since made their way into hiding until I feel she’s old enough to play with a doll with the body of a sexy woman), a tiny yellow saucepan that has since gone back into the garbage, and a few other things that really weren’t worth it.  

Though I did get my apple clock which has proven lovely and useful for the last year . . .

But this year, it falls right in the midst of our belt-tightening spree, and I am feeling reluctant to go to the bank for cash and then head down there into the fray.  Especially since I have, once again, slept in and missed “all the good stuff”.  

I don’t want to waste my money buying junk I don’t need, even if it’s a really really good deal.  I can’t think of anything we really need, though I’m sure once I head down there I will find a bunch of things I forgot we really needed, and end up spending all the cash I bring.

So here’s my new plan: instead of the Garage Sale, I’ll head to the Herb & Spice for some eggs, come back and make pancakes for Pancake Day, and then head down to the Glebe to do my volunteer time at the BUGs table around 10:30.  That way I’ll have done my good duty, and participated, but not put it ahead of my family rituals.  

And by that time I’m way sure all the good stuff will be gone, so I should be safe from temptation!


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