The cost of being disorganized

I have a big confession: I’m not a very organized person.  Actually, this one comes as no surprise to anyone who knows me.  My house is messy, and in places (beside the stove, under the couch, under our bed) actually dirty.  We have too much junk in our storage locker downstairs, and too much junk on the shelves and in the closets upstairs.  

There are many downsides to this, which I will get to in a moment, but one of the up-sides is that I feel and appreciate every little improvement I make.  Every step I take towards a cleaner, tidier, more organized house, makes me feel very good about myself and my house.

For example, I recently cleaned one shelf in our closet.  It’s the shelf with our towels on it, and if you’ve visited my house I’ve probably shown it to you.  It makes me feel good every time I look at it.  My hope is that this enjoyment will motivate me to tidy up other areas of the house.  

Because, as you can see from the title of this post, disorganization is costing me!  Here’s a list of just a few of the costs of disorganization.  It is also a good recipe for Tear-Water Tea.


– I spend too much time looking for things.

– While I might save small amounts of time not cleaning places like under the couch, whenever I do get around to the job, it will take a long, long time, and possibly some specialty tools to do it properly.

– I have to spend time shopping for things that have gotten lost or broken or ruined.


– Sometimes I have to buy replacements for things I’ve lost or broken.

– Late fees for library books.  More than a couple of times, I have lost a library book for several weeks, resulting in huge fines.  Once, I lost two books, seemingly forever, and ended up paying the replacement fee.  I found them later stuck with baby spit-up to the bottom of the car seat.  Yuck.

– Replacement gifts for things that have gotten ruined while waiting to be given.  This one hurts a lot.  I bought a book that I left on the table, and coffee got spilled on it.

– Late bills that I thought we paid, but actually just put on my desk beside the computer with the intention of paying them.  This costs in a few ways: late penalties, reduced credit scores, and having to pay a big honkin’ bill a couple months later instead of more manageable amounts more frequently.

– As Frugal Dad mentions, the space that is currently cluttered and filled with unused space, as well as some of that clutter, could be making us money, or at least, could be giving us enjoyment instead of stress.  The closet filled with out-grown baby toys and clothes could be housing my non-maternity clothes which would make my own closet a lot roomier and more pleasant to go into.

Peace of Mind

– It stresses me out thinking about all of the nooks & crannies & piles & boxes that will some day need to be cleaned and tidied.  My purposeful enjoyment of the spaces I HAVE cleaned is supposed to replace that stress, but I still feel it.

– I hate thinking about all the stuff we own, that’s just sitting there, filling up space.  I hate thinking about how we’re going to get rid of it all.  Re-purpose it, give it away, sell it, garbage it?  There are downsides/complications to each that are hard to face when you’re facing a mountain of stuff.

So there you have it.  A pot of Tear-Water Tea, and a bunch of reasons not to be like me!  I hope this post motivates me (and maybe you too) to get in there and clean something today, even if it’s just one shelf of a closet.  It will reduce the time-, money- and peace-of-mind-stress that is lurking in the clutter.

2 thoughts on “The cost of being disorganized

  1. I can totally relate to so much of this! Having our recent houseguests really gave me a necessary push toward better organization, and gave me an appreciation for a clutter-less life (which I do not have, but am moving toward!). I LOVE opening a closet and finding what I want easily instead of having things fall on me and having to tear the whole closet apart to find it. The first part of the apartment that I organized was the closet (I think I was inspired by your closet-organizing!) and afterward, I would just open that closet and be so proud and happy. Now there are a few more places in the apartment that give me that feeling, and that is definitely positive re-inforcement to continue fixing up and organizing everything else!

    p.s. the organizing book I borrowed from the library is new and is only a 7 day rental (but with one renewal, whew) and it says on a sticker they put on the cover- $2 a day late fees! yeeeah, I really don’t need to add to my $35 “donation” I have pending. har har.

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