“After-Hours Yard Sales”

It’s June 1st.  Yes, summer is coming (though you wouldn’t know it here in Ottawa) and my pregnancy now has less than 4 months left, but that’s not the exciting thing about June 1st.  June 1st may just be the very best “After-Hours Yard Sale” day of the year. 

Just what is an after-hours yard sale?  Simply grabbing discarded furniture and other items off the roadside that people have left after their move-in or move-out.  

Now, there’s a lot of junk out there that no one wants to touch.  Broken dressers, stained couches, soggy futons, etc . . .  As my sister-in-law says, “There’s poop on that.”

But I have found many, many, many awesome useful items on the side of the road, such as:

– a red Ikea chair that is more comfortable than any of our other living room furniture

– a small (also Ikea!) bedside table that matches the other one I spent $20 on just a few weeks ago

– a weird wicker letter-holder that now houses our tax information

– a small wooden drawer that looks like it belonged in an oldschool card catalogue, which now houses my little spice boxes

– a bunch of books ranging from baby name books to an atlas to some best-selling Self-Help stuff that I would never spend money on, but secretly love to read

– a wooden drying rack that I used for years, despite the fact that it was a bit falling-apart even when we got it

My sister even picked up the dresser that my daughter now uses, and an OVEN!  Yep, my sister got her oven for free!

So, if you missed the Great Glebe Garage Sale (and “After” sale–ha ha), tonight might just be your night to pick up some gems–all for the price of taking a stroll through your neighbourhood.


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