Grocery Store Review: Price Chopper

After my friend introduced me to Couponing, some internet searches led me down a different path, the path of weekly flyers for grocery stores across Ottawa.

Here are a couple sites that post pdfs of the weekly flyers across town:


There are some real savings to be had by shopping around.  After reading about some amazing deals at Price Chopper, I decided to head out there and check out the shopping experience for myself.

The deal that led me out there this week was Jumbo boxes of Corn Flakes (1.36 Kilos) for $3.  Corn Flakes are the only breakfast cereal we tend to eat, so this is a fantastic bargain for us. So I loaded myself and my shopping cart onto the #14 bus and headed out to McArthur Ave.

I snagged me 2 giant boxes of Corn Flakes, some red leaf lettuce (99¢ each), some Halal chicken legs with back attached ($2.20/kilo), some Ontario asparagus ($2), some tomatoes (99¢/lb), apple juice (99¢/can), 2 lb of butter ($2.97 ea) and a 2 L can of olive oil ($9.99).  

These were some great bargains!  Some other impressive highlights included: cilantro for 99¢, broccoli for 99¢, 3 lb onions for $1.79, whole Halal chickens for $5.49/kilo, Primo dry pasta for $1.99, Compliments organic eggs for $5.17/dozen, and Black Diamond cheese for $7.69 – $8.29.  I believe all these were regular prices, not sales.  

Also, their produce was much nicer than I expected–at least as decent as Hartman’s, and possibly even more selection. 

But it was not a perfect shopping experience.  There were many things this store did not have which I am used to.  First of all, the lighting was quite dim, probably to “save the environment”, which I totally respect, but it made for a somewhat joyless experience.  Another big thing that was missing was the big things: 10 kilo bags of flour, 2.25 kilo bags of oats, etc.  And a lot of canned things and so on were the same prices I see elsewhere, even Hartman’s.

And the final big omission: organics.  Apart from the eggs, I didn’t see anything organic in the store.  No produce, no dairy, no frozen or canned.  I had to run to Hartman’s tonight to get my milk.

So, will I go back to Price Chopper?  I’m not dying to head back out there, but I will keep checking the flyer.  If they have something amazing on sale, chances are good that I’ll be the pregnant lady on the #14 bus with the shopping cart headed out to Price Chopper.


One thought on “Grocery Store Review: Price Chopper

  1. Had the same experience today at Food Basics. My MIL took us but when I was shopping I realized I am willing to pay more for organic and healthy. Do diced tomatoes really need to have salt?

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