Shampoo-Free Update #2

Last week I posted about going Shampoo-Free, or “poo-free” as the bloggers call it.  On Thursday June 4th, I started washing my hair with baking soda and apple cider vinegar.

The routine is: 1 tsp of baking soda, diluted in about a cup and a half of water from the shower. Pour over head and then massage in as you would do with shampoo.  The neat thing is, it feels kindof “soapy”, giving the impression that it’s doing something.  It might be psychological, but I like to feel it working.  Don’t leave it in too long, and then rinse well.

Next, dilute the acv in another cup and a half of water from the shower and pour all over head.  Massage in.  I like this feeling too.  The baking soda leaves the hair feeling somewhat stiff, but once the vinegar rinse is in, it feels soft and supple.  Massage through hair, and then rinse well.  The website recommends rinsing with cold water, but I just use the shower like normal.

I’ve kept it up for the week and this is what I can report:

– My hair is soft, clean, and supernaturally shiny.  I’m getting much better performance than my old shampoo/conditioner routine.

– It’s very easy to do.  I just bring 2 containers into the shower with me, 1 with some baking soda and one with some apple cider vinegar.  I add some water from the shower, mix, and dump over my head, massage in, rinse, and then follow with the acv rinse.  Easy peasy.

– I don’t smell like a pickle.  The first day I did a little, but that was because I used about a 1/2 cup of acv instead of the 2 tbsp called for.  Now, if my hair gets wet (like when my toddler splooshes my hair in the bath, every day) I can get a faint whiff of vinegar, and maybe I wouldn’t encourage tall dark handsome strangers to come and sniff my hair, but normally it just smells like hair.  Which I like.

– You wanna talk cheap?  This is basically cheap as free, and totally benign environmentally.

So, I’m sold!  I’ll do another update later on, but for now, I highly recommend baking soda and vinegar as a hair wash/rinse.  Let me know if you try it too!

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