The Ottawa Grocery Price Book

I’m launching a new project, the Ottawa Grocery Price Book, and I’m looking for participants!  If you want to be a collaborator on this project, simply visit the Ottawa Grocery Price Book here.  Anyone can view and anyone can edit.

What is it?

Frugality blogs talk about creating a “Price Book” for often-purchased items so you can track where to get what around the city.  It saves you money because it’s really hard to remember where all the best deals are, but if you have it in a handy spreadsheet, you will know to go to Westborough when you need flour, and to the Co-op when you need cat food.

This is a no-brainer as something to create online, and why not make it collaborative?  With enough contributors, we can map grocery prices around Ottawa, and save ourselves and others a lot of money.  This type of information sharing might also encourage some downtown businesses to lower their prices once people see how much they are being gouged.

How to contribute?

Simply enter a product in column 1 and the price you paid in the column for the store you shopped at.  For example, if you bought Western 2% Yogurt at Loblaws on Rideau, you would write “Western Yogurt, 2%” in column A under Dairy, and on the corresponding line under Rideau Loblaws, you would write “$2.99 / 750 ml”.  For meat, dried and bulk items it would be easier to write the price per kilo.

If you see a price listed that’s no longer correct, please correct it.  These should be regular prices, not sale prices (for sale prices, see the weekly flyers posted here and here), to cut down on some fluctuation, though many fresh items particularly change prices quite regularly.

To View the Price Book

Go to the Grocery Price Book tab on, or click here.

Okay everyone, tell your friends!  Let’s help each other help ourselves to the best deals in town!


2 thoughts on “The Ottawa Grocery Price Book

    1. Fantastic! You can just enter prices from your receipt so it’s no extra trouble at the store. I’m going to add some prices tomorrow too.

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