Amazing Grace

Now, this will come as no surprise to long-time residents of Ottawa, but Grace Ottawa is amazing!  As a recent new-comer, I admit I have checked it out once or twice before, but that was without my more recently acquired frugalista-vision.  Before I saw a lot of Mr. Goudas, and exotic seasoning blends I would probably never use.  But this time . . . this time was different.

Here is just a sampling of the amazing deals on staples to be had at Grace Ottawa:

– 10 lb couscous for $9.99

– 10 kilos red lentils for $20.99

– 10 kilos other beans for $16.99

– 5 limes for $1

– 4 lemons for $1

– fresh cilantro for $1

They also had bags and bags and BAGS of rice: Basmati, Jasmine, Indian, Thai . . . and  yes, Mr. Goudas.  I didn’t see the prices on rice but I’d bet the deals are good, and the selection is unbeatable.  I was also able to find coconut oil (for an upcoming experiment on making my own deoderant) and durum semolina flour, for making my own pasta.

In conclusion, shop at Amazing Grace, make use of their giant bags of staples, and save giant bags of money!


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