Shampoo-Free Final Analysis?

I’ve been shampoo-free for almost a month now (see my previous posts here and here) and I think I can officially give this one a thumbs up! Here’s the run-down:


super, super cheap; much more environmentally friendly; non-toxic for me and Tiny Baby; I always have baking soda and vinegar on-hand and am unlikely to run out; hair looks shiny and is easy to manage; I seem to be able to go longer and longer between baking soda “washes”, using a vinegar rinse in between; did I mention it’s incredibly cheap?


the vinegar does smell a little bit, though the smell evaporates completely once my hair dries; connected to that, my hair does not get that nice perfumey shampoo smell; also, it’s a weird thing to tell people . . .  Can’t think of too many other cons.

So, the final analysis is that it works pretty good!  I’m going to continue with my regime, which is to use the full baking soda and vinegar treatment about every 4-5 days or so, with a vinegar rinse in between.

As I mentioned previously, my hair might be a little different right now because I’m pregnant, so I’ll probably do a post-partum shampoo report if things change.  But for now, consider this the final word on the subject!

7 thoughts on “Shampoo-Free Final Analysis?

  1. I’ve been doing this for 4 months now and I love it. I find my hair is much more manageable, and less prone to static-y-ness.

    My hair has been looking a little bit unwashed if I go 2 days without baking soda lately though, I’m wondering if this is my “adjusting” phase I keep hearing everyone talk about.

    I’m glad you like the no shampoo!

    1. I read about that on your blog! I recently switched vinegars, because I ran out of ACV, and because of debbie’s suggestion above, and I was finding it was making my hair feel greasy. I think I need to get me some essential oils though because I’m missing the “nice smell” aspect of shampoo . . . I’m actually feeling a bit less committed lately . . .

      1. I’ve been using my huge 4 liter of white vinegar that I originally bought for cleaning our apartment(It now get’s used for everything, including our laundry) It’s never given me that greasy feeling.

        I think that part of the greasy-ness is the fact that it has been outrageously hot. Maybe I’m sweatier than normal.(ew)

        A nice way to make your vinegar smell nice is to let a stick of cinnamon sit in your vinegar over night, and add some vanilla. Smells great, just don’t let the cinnamon sit in it for too long or you can give yourself a “chemical” burn(I wouldn’t use it on a toddler either)

        (Huge comment sorry)

  2. That’s a great idea about the cinnamon, and it wouldn’t contravene my Buy Nothing Challenge! I’m going to try that–thanks for the great idea!

  3. hi there,

    First found your starter for sourdough and that worked out great. Up for baking in about a day or so.
    Then I found your no shampoo experiment. Already more than one year old, but thought I would leave a word any way.
    I stopped using shampoo on June 21, 2009. That makes for nearly 14 months no shampoo at all. At first I used lemon juice to rinse my hair. After a couple of weeks the oil added up and my hair looked very very fat, on the top of my head. Then I began the baking soda but my hair did not get any less oily. I stopped using the baking soda, and washed my hair once with a concoction using an egg, a tablespoon of baking soda and some lemon juice, added a couple of drops of lavender oil. This made my hair all good and no oil was left. Apparently the egg takes away the oil, same way as mayonaise is made. Anyway after a couple of months just rinsing with lemon juice my hair got better and better. BS was out of the picture. Only thin I do now is lemon juice and under the shower I try to massage the oil a bit down to the tips so that the oil arrives there to avoid splitting ends. I am happy with my 40 cm long hair and my daughter as well. She is ten years old and has no build up of oil at all. She also feels better using only the lemon juice. You could use fresh lemon (be careful to strain the juice otherwise you get white stuff in your hair when it dries) or you could use lemon juice prepared in those yellow bottles.

    My two cents, ciao Miriam

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