Summery Holiday Summary

We’re back from our ten days away in Sudbury and on Manitoulin Island, and though it wasn’t your usual summer holiday hot and swimmy weather, it was perfect anyway.  We had sunny but cool days to play in the sand and lounge on the beach swing, and rainy days to drive around the island and sit inside and read.  Just perfect.

A few things I will be blogging about in the next couple of days:

– canning — we canned strawberry jam with some local Sudbury strawberries, and stewed rhubarb from my mother-in-law’s giant plants (which she generously harvested for me and stuck in the freezer to await the canning).  I now have a pretty box of jars all set for xmas gifts (and for eating — yum!)

– wool — I bought some gorgeous lace weight alpaca yarn from a farmer at the Gore Bay Farmer’s market.  Now to find a lacy project to use it for . . .

– books — I borrowed (back) a couple of books from my mom, one on housekeeping and organization, and the other on green cleaning.  I can’t wait to put the ideas into motion, and will write reviews as soon as I have tested out the theories.

Well, back to the grind . . .


2 thoughts on “Summery Holiday Summary

  1. I was just reading your blog, before posting on my own, and I was thinking that you and I are on the same journey. We are Urban moms, trying to make Frugal and Green work for us. Thanks for reading my blog and your comment.

    One small step at a time and we can do this.

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