Pizza Roulades

Before leaving on our vacation, I stayed up late and made another batch of Roulades, this time with left-over pizza toppings.  I admit, it was hard to drag myself out of my little girl’s bed after falling asleep with her, but I figured, it was either make something yummy for the car ride, or we’d end up spending $30 and eating Burger King in Deep River. Unsurprisingly, the roulades won me over.

For this batch, I made a quick tomato sauce, added diced green pepper and pepperoni, then when the pastry was rolled out, laid the whole thing out like a pizza and topped it with shredded mozzarella. Then I rolled it and baked it like before.

They turned out to be the perfect roadtrip food, as I suspected.  A nice juicy peach or something would have been the perfect accompaniment, but as it was, we were stuck with some peanut-butter-chocolate rice krispie squares . . . mmmmmm.  (The only problem was I couldn’t eat them while my daughter was awake, so I only got a couple . . .)

Anyway, I’ll blog any further roulade ideas I get.  They’ve treated me well so far!


4 thoughts on “Pizza Roulades

  1. This looks good. I think this is something I am going to have to try for our next roadtrip. I always dread roadtrips because we end up doing the fast food thing out of convenience. Its easier for me to make something for us for on the way down, but coming back is a little tougher. So if I make Roulades for the way down its easier to stomach some deli sandwhiches on the way home :).

    Have a great trip!

    1. Yeah, we didn’t have anything for the return trip. Sometimes my parents pack us leftovers or sandwiches, but this time we weren’t organized. Let me know if you try the Roulades!

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