DIY Deodorant

I’ve been reading so much lately about commercial deodorants and antiperspirants: how bad they are for you, how many nasty chemicals they contain, how blocking your sweat glands is actually a bad idea, and how easy it is to delete it from your life.

Now, I’m not talking about quitting cold-turkey and walking around reeking like a hippy.  Not for me, thanks.  But perusing my favourite blogs over the last few months, I have found several diy options that the blogger claim work miracles:

Cheaplikeme has a recipe that includes cocoanut oil, baking soda and corn starch, scented with essentail oils

– a very fancy one on Angry Chicken that contains shea and cocoa butters, vitamin E capsules, baking soda and corn starch, scented with essential oils

– and somewhere, in someone’s comments feed, I saw that someone, somewhere uses just a dusting of baking soda.

So, I’m starting an experiment.  This morning in the shower I shaved my arm pits, which was a mistake.  Normally I only shave in the evening so that I won’t be applying deodorant to broken skin.  So with freshly shaven pits, and a humidex of 28 and long walk ahead of me, I went with the simplest of my diy options and dusted on some baking soda.  It’s also the most frugal choice, and the only one I had on hand at the time.

And what happened?  Well, I’ve been smelling fresh as a daisy the whole day.  I re-applied in the mid-afternoon because I was a bit sceptical, but it may not have been necessary.

So easy.  So cheap.  So non-toxic I even let my little daughter try some on herself after she saw me applying and wanted to do it just like mommy.

I’ve read in some places that people’s bodies “get used to” their natural options, so I might end up trying Cheaplikeme’s recipe too.  Especially seeing as I’ve already bought the cocoanut oil and all.

I was going to use up what I have before starting on this experiment, but since this morning’s first foray, I’m going to stick with it and see how it goes.  I’ll report back soon but so far I’m optimistic.

But don’t worry about bursting my bubble.  If you see me and I’m smelling something fierce, please let me know!


14 thoughts on “DIY Deodorant

  1. I’ve been using the baking soda/cornstarch/coconut oil/lavender oil mix for a few weeks. I love it! I won’t go back. It’s working better for me than the commercial one I’d been using.

  2. I’ve tried three Natural deodorants: Norwex’s crystal deodorant and a J/A/S/O/N brand and one other (can’t remember name) and they all leave me smelly by the end of the day. I’m afraid of grossing out my family so I went out and bought a store brand again! Maybe I’ll give two of the options you presented a try.

  3. So far the “dusting of baking soda” is working like a charm. An amazing, simple, frugal, non-smelly charm!

  4. For 9-10 months of the year, I use a mineral crystal deodorant. But in the summer, it just gets to be too much and I switch back to a commercial antiperspirant. This year it seems like the antiperspirant is bothering me so I will try to ditch it as soon as possible.

  5. On my way to my graduation ceremony in June, I realized I was out of deordorant. I slipped into Shoppers and bought their Life brand “natural deodorant.” I put it on in the bathroom just prior to the ceremony. Then, in front of hundreds of people, I began burning up . . . I thought it was nerves at first, then I was on fire! It was the bloody deordorant! I got through it though, and I still use it . . .

  6. I haven’t noticed any stink! 😀 must be working! I want to try switching to something more natural, but, being such a “sweater” (har har), I am horrified by what might happen…

  7. I think I’m begining to LOVE baking soda. Not only can I wash my hair in it and brush my teeth with it, I can also use it instead of the antiperspirant I hate buying… I need to try it at the next proper occasion. (Right now we’re having about 20 degree Celsius weather, so no need of deodorant for me.)

  8. I like to dab with a little rubbing alcohol first. It kills bacteria and gives the baking soda a head start.

    1. That’s a great idea! Especially during these super-humid days when I need a mid-afternoon refresher.

  9. on a beauty site I frequent someone was saying she was very stinky (some people notice its worse if they are eating low carb) and another person recommended white vinegar. apply the night before, don’t rinse off, in the shower the next morning just wash that area with water. they said it works, I’ll try both and pass it along to my father who is trying to be more natural now at age 71 due to health issues.

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