Buy Nothing Challenge — Day 1

I blogged a little while ago about answering Crunchy Chicken’s call-out to folks to buy nothing for the month of August.  I wrote about being slightly worried about it, and having to use the last couple weeks of July to prepare . . .

Well, I didn’t do much preparation.  I mean, I didn’t get my hair cut or buy the blush I’ve needed for months now, or even buy any nail polish to make my toes look cute now that the flip-flops are out.  I’ve bought next to nothing the last 2 weeks, and now am heading into August with a good track record, but a bit of a want list.

On the top of my want list is a chest freezer.  I’ve been debating (with myself mostly) the purchase for a few months now, but a recent weighted pro-con list tells me that this will be a good thing for us for the coming months.  Mostly because it will mean I can cook ahead and stock up on meals so that when tiny baby arrives, we’ll have a few “convenience” items stashed away that are cheap, nutritious, and close-at-hand.  I’d love to get a bunch of local organic meat, and some organic chickens to freeze for busier times, and put up some chili and spaghetti sauce and even some pizzas.  Yep, I’ve got this freezer filled up already, in my mind.  Did I mention I’m probably getting a 3.5 cubic foot model?!

Anyway, this weekend seemed like the perfect weekend to get it.  We ended up not going on our trip to Sudbury so I thought, “I know, I’ll get the freezer and start my cooking this weekend–perfect!”.  Except . . . the Buy Nothing Challenge.  I KNOW the rules allow for “preserving” tools, and I KNOW we are free to confess our purchasing sins, and I also KNOW it’s just a fairly random set of self-imposed rules . . . but still!

I guess the kicker is that we are still paying down debt, and while this is a purchase that will need to come (if it is to come) before the end of September (otherwise, Tiny Baby will be here, and my chance to stock up beforehand will be long past!), we still don’t really have the money for it.

So, I have not yet rushed out to buy the freezer.  I don’t know if I will, or perhaps I’ll wait until the cooler days of September, when I’ll be home pre-baby for a couple of weeks.  The Buy Nothing Challenge has reigned me in.

One other purchase that didn’t happen . . . we walked by a yard sale on the way to the park today and there was a GORGEOUS Mikasa set of a serving bowl and platter–pale yellow around the rim, and a seventies-era floral pattern in the middle, with one bright red poppy in the design.  Beautiful.  And I didn’t even ask the price, because it is Buy Nothing month, and do I NEED a serving platter, beautiful though it may be?  Nope.  I will survive just fine without it.

Anyway, it’s still day 1 . . . is it really true that August has 31 days?????

6 thoughts on “Buy Nothing Challenge — Day 1

  1. Maybe the month can be used as a chance to scout for the best deal on a freezer. Then if you can buy one on sale you won’t be spending as much!

    1. That’s a good idea, though they have a pretty good deal on at Loblaws right now: $180 for a little one, and I know of a guy who will deliver for $30. But you’re right–it’s always good to shop around!

  2. We bought a chest freezer (I think it’s 7 cubic feet?) last year and I just adore how it lets me cook ahead and store things for later. When we went to China to adopt our second, I had about two months’ worth of meals and food in there and it was such a luxury not to worry about what to make for dinner.

    It has also helped a bit with frugality because I can freeze milk, bread, meat and veggies from Costco.

    Whether you should buy it in August or not? You’re on your own there. I’m a buy-it-now, pay-off-the-credit-line later kind of gal 🙂

    1. I’m glad to hear your vote for the freezer! I’ve heard many good comments about them elsewhere online too. My question to you: do you think 3.5 cubic feet is too small to bother with?

      1. I think smaller than 7 cubic feet would be too small for what we use it for. I’m hoping to start buying local meat in 20 or 40 pound lots, and we’ll need the space. We also have some freezer space in our fridge unit too.

        But I would say, if 3.5 cubic feet is all you have room for, you’ll still benefit from it. You can freeze cooked beans, pureed vegetables, cheese on sale … all great for saving money and reducing cooking time when you’ve got little kids.

  3. I have a 9 cubic foot freezer, which is a large apartment size. I have had it 24 years and it has done me a family of seven for years. I can get a side off beef, chickens and still find room for frozen veggies and fruit. The bread, juice and ice creme has to go in the fridge freezer.

    I often wished I had a larger size but then I think of all the wasted space I wouldn’t have things in and knew I was paying Hydro for.

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