Frugal Family Fun in Ottawa

My friend just forwarded me this site that has all sorts of free & inexpensive events for families in Ottawa.  I’m so excited about the drum and pipe show on Parliament Hill this Thursday through Sunday.

Check it out the site if you are looking for something to do:

This would also be great for families planning a trip to Ottawa–drop me a line if you do!

One thought on “Frugal Family Fun in Ottawa

  1. Hi!

    Thanks for mentioning our site on your blog – we’ve been working very hard to put out a great site full of free and frugal events, so it’s great to see people are visiting it We’ll soon be adding a page of seasonal and year-round activites, and we’ve got lots of ideas for other stuff to add in time, so please check back often! I was wondering if you went to Parliemant Hill to see the drum and pipe show (one of my family’s favorites!). If you did, would you be interested in writing a review of the event for our site? We would link it to next year’s Fortissimo posting so that people interested in going to see it can read the review. Also, if you agree, we’d like to post a link to your site once we get our links page up, as we (my friend and I) both really like it and it meshes nicely with ours. Please let me know!

    Thanks again,

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