And then there’s the breastfeeding

The other day I wrote about my many frugality failures, and a few of my wins, over the last month or so, leading up to and following the birth of our son. One key thing I forgot to mention–probably because it is already so much a part of my life–is the breastfeeding.

From a frugality standpoint, there is no question that breastfeeding is the best choice for feeding your baby. No powders to buy, no bottles to buy & sanitize, no containers to throw away, no water to heat, and it’s often a fantastically effortless way to lose the weight you put on during pregnancy. What a miracle worker that Mother Nature is to design such an elegant system!

But there are also benefits for my nursing daughter who turned 2 1/2 just before Nicholas was born.

Having “mokies” calms her when she’s having a meltdown; it puts her to sleep, and back to sleep in the middle of the night; it allows us to keep our physical closeness, even when the new baby is attached to my body for 90% of the day; and most of all, I can see it helping her to start bonding with the little guy as her little hand (big in comparison to his) plays with his foot, strokes his belly, holds his hand.

While this isn’t strictly about frugality, continuing to nurse my girl is helping me keep things together in these crazy newborn days. And that is a cornerstone of keeping the house running well.

6 thoughts on “And then there’s the breastfeeding

  1. Good for you. For me nursing was about being lazy and cheap. I was too lazy to get up warm a bottle and then go back to bed. It was easier to just get up nurse my child and go back to bed. I was to lazy to pack enough bottles and water for outings (or to have to plan for outings) when I carried my “bottles” everywhere I went. I was to cheap to buy formula and bottles (although we were forced to buy bottles and formula with A) when I had what I needed. I eventually used pumped milk and bottles to allow my husband time with both girls, but it was all around good for me.

  2. Breastfeeding is certainly frugal and convenient and better for mama and babies and … And I’m glad that you’re tandem nursing without trouble. It’s good news in a world that sometime lacks good news. Take care of yourself and your newly expanded family.

  3. Hello,

    I’m so glad its working well for you. I’m also tandem nursing, and I love it! It was a little challenging at first ( my daughter went completely off solid food for a week or two, and nursed nonstop), but now the baby is three months old, and everything is back to normal. You’re right…it really helps with the temper tantrums!


  4. I breastfed my oldest son until he was 27 months old and I was 6 months pregnant with my 2nd. I weaned him because I wanted to give myself one less worry when the new baby came and because I knew my oldest would NOT share well with his brother-to-be. I wholeheartedly support breastfeeding toddlers for all the reasons you mention. My youngest is now a year old and I will breastfeed him as long as he wants. Something tells me he won’t go quite as long though, he just doesn’t have the same attachment to me (perhaps because he just can’t wait to be doing everything his brother does). Best wishes with your tandem nursing!

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