Sneaky Chef Chocolate Cupcakes: It’s a Win!

Well, I finally got around to trying a recipe out of The Sneaky Chef, the Chocolate Cupcakes, and I have to say they were fantastic! I’m not going to post the recipe here because I want you to go out and buy the book, but let me just tell you they contained whole wheat flour, blueberries, and . . . spinach! Yes, spinach. But it turns out, spinach has almost no flavour on its own; it is totally masked by the blueberries to make what Missy Chase Lapine calls “Purple Puree”, one of her power-packing additive mixtures.

The other genius trick employed with these cupcakes is to use candy sprinkles as a texture decoy to distract from any textural difference the whole wheat flour could cause. She recommends using sprinkles, chocolate chips, and crushed crunchy whole-grain cereal as textural cover-ups where necessary. This is just one more of her thirteen strategies for healthier kid-friendly eating.

I gave a few of the cupcakes to friends as  well, so I’ll update with their comments if they have any. I was a bit nervous, especially since the “icing” is actually a mixture of nonfat milk powder, icing sugar and water, but after trying them myself I’m fairly certain they will have gone down just fine!


3 thoughts on “Sneaky Chef Chocolate Cupcakes: It’s a Win!

  1. I am a fan of deceptive cooking to add more punch to the goodness of foods. I have to ask however fresh spinach or frozen? Cause I find frozen spinach has more flavor than fresh (can be a bit overpowering) but could still imagine it could be masked by the blueberry and chocolate.

  2. I used frozen spinach, and it seemed to work out fairly well. However, I heard from my friend that they were more like a muffin than a cupcake, which is fair. I guess the decadent-looking frosting fooled her into expecting fluffy cakey goodness instead of whole-wheat-and-spinach-enhanced healthiness!

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