One Ton of Mayo

According to a friend, we’ve made what constitutes “a typical Costco miscalculation”. The exact size of the miscalculation: 1.8 L. Of Hellmann’s mayonnaise.

This means:

100 toasted tomato sandwiches, or . . .

7.5 chocolate cakes, or . . .

30 hair treatments, or . . .

15 each tuna, salmon and egg salads, or . . .

. . .  what else?

I’ll admit it: I have been making a lot of “Emergency Chocolate Cake” (my own cupcake version with chocolate chips), but this stuff expires in April of this year, and I don’t know if I can make enough cakes by then!

So, the question: what would you do with one ton of mayo? Or 1.8 L of the stuff, to be exact. Any ideas I’m missing for fabulous uses for mayo?

11 thoughts on “One Ton of Mayo

  1. Mayo in Chocolate Cake? Never heard of it. Hmmmmm…. I am not a mayo fan, I buy the little tiny jars, but might start making my own. The only time I use mayo is in Tuna salad (and most time I use plain yogurt). I like the tang of plain yogurt so much better than mayo. I use cream cheese on BLT’s and so much else.

    I know I am not much help.
    I would be interested to see what people come up with.
    I just remembered how about Devilled Eggs, or Quiche. I recall once a chef told me the key to fluffy scrambled eggs was to whip in a little mayo, not liking mayo I declined, but I wonder if it could be used in quiche.

  2. Mayo never expires. You would have to keep it for like…. 10 years to have it seriously go bad on you. 🙂

    But, if you are strapped for somthing to do with it.

    Send me a bunch of those chocolate cakes. Haha.

  3. I had one of those gargantuan size mayos, too…I made lots of ranch dressing…lots of tuna and chicken salad…and potato and macaroni salads. It went faster than I thought it would!

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