Back to Frugality

A hand-made doll

As I’ve mentioned on here, I haven’t been feeling very frugal these last several months, mostly since my son was born in October, and also during Christmas and our March/April birthday madness (five family birthdays from March 21st to April 5th!). But those seasons are past, summer simplicity is here, so I feel it’s time to bring back the frugal.

In light of this, I’m making May a No Buying Month, with the following omissions:

– groceries (though I will endeavour to stick to my budget)

– gardening equipment and supplies

– some glass freezer containers so I can start making my partner some microwavable frozen lunches

I’ll try otherwise to hand-make gifts, make do with what we have, and avoid the Great Glebe Garage Sale (though that one will be really hard!). I’ll try to focus on gardening, cooking for the freezer before the hot weather sets in, and sewing some gifts.

What do you think? Is May a good time to do a No Spend month for you?

5 thoughts on “Back to Frugality

  1. Yes! I very nearly succeeded this past month with the exception of a friend’s special birthday (you’re only 1/4 century once!) and one take out dinner… that lasted about 3 days.

    I DIDN’T replace the dog leash with a $45 dollar one… instead opted for a bargain of $2 worth of nylon at the fabric store….

    AND… I purchased 3 used books for $2…

    Feeling pretty good this month! But I’m up for the challenge again!


  2. what! The GGGS has the potential to be a very cheap source of needs. Make it an exception to your plan, but only buy necessities if you can find them. No reason to avoid it just because it’s in your “buy nothing” month.

    1. I do see your point, but I don’t really *need* anything right now. The danger is discovering lots and lots of *needs* once I walk up & down those streets filled with bargains!

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