Waste-Less Wednesday

So many blogs have a “thing” for Wednesdays: Wordless Wednesday being the most popular I’ve seen. After reading a lot about garbage and waste and gleaning lately, I’ve decided to create “Waste-Less Wednesday” where I look at ways of reducing our household waste.

Today I’m thinking about paper waste. I feel like I’ve always got bits of paper going out the door–mostly to the recycling bin, but that doesn’t clear my conscience, because how much of that actually gets recycled? And when I think about the amount of energy required to recycle it, it doesn’t quite seem like the free ride we’ve been told it is.

Some of our sources of paper waste include:

– food packaging like cereal boxes

– art paper from our daughter’s projects

– old bills

– store receipts

– packaging from new things we buy (pretty rare in this house, except at birthday/xmas time)

– flyers and junk mail

Of all of those, the last one might be the easiest to take care of, with a simple note on our mail box. For reasons beyond even myself, I’ve never indicated my displeasure with flyers. They come in with their “amazing deals” and “this weekend only” sales and take up far too much of our time, money and landfill.

Actually, if truth be told, I secretly enjoy a couple of them, particularly the Canadian Tire flyer. There’s something so nostalgic about leafing through the new Canadian Tire catalogue while eating a bowl of cereal.

But no more! Today I will put a little note on my mailbox that reads “No Flyers Please–We’re Saving Trees”. And then, when I see my neighbours’ boxes stuffed with the CT savings of the week, I’ll look mine up online.

One thought on “Waste-Less Wednesday

  1. Love this idea. Here in the states we can opt out of most advertisement mailings, and I do make sure to contact the companies that send me flyers and ask them to take me off thier paper mailing list and if I am interested in them I give them permission to add me to their email list.

    For the other papers here are a few suggestions:
    Some people like the no receipt please (for things you won’t return) and if you are paying cash for lunch, coffee or other items I say no receipt, but when I use my debit card or if the item may need to be returned or exchanged I ask for a receipt.

    Cereal can be bought in bulk, or make your own granola.
    Cereal boxes are a big offender in our house, as well.

    Art paper from projects. Once the project is complete take a picture of her with the art, let her display it. When its time for it to come down, unless its a must have :
    1. Recycle it into new paper (make paper with her)

    2. Use it for gift wrap or as a card or note to a grandparent.

    Good Luck in reducing your paper waste. 🙂

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