Return of the Grocery Price Book

After months of dormancy, I’m reviving the Price Book! If you want to participate, leave a comment and I will invite you as an editor. (This only makes sense if you live in Ottawa–otherwise I welcome you to copy the list of items and make your own Price book with info from your local stores.) Anyone can view it but only those with permission can edit.

The prices on the list are old, so please help me update them with the latest deals in O-town!

You can view the Ottawa Grocery Price Book here.

3 thoughts on “Return of the Grocery Price Book

  1. I’ve just stumbled upon your pricebook while making my own – are you still keeping it up to date? It’s a great idea! I never know what is a good price for anything while I’m shopping…

    1. (also, is there a way to import your spreadsheet to google docs? trying to copy-paste just dumps everything into one cell)

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