One Step Closer

At midnight this morning, we became one step closer to being debt free. We paid off the last part of the loan for my partner’s Bachelor’s degree. This is just starting to sink in, but what it means is that we have made significant progress.We have lived frugally and consciously for about a year. We have stuck to our plan. Our efforts to pay attention, make changes, and follow our priorities have paid off.

What it means is that we now have $300 per month that we can snowball into the payments for his M.A.. It means the end is in sight. It means we will also have the flexibility of not putting that monthly $300 towards debt if we really need it some time.

We’ve been able to change our ways with money–largely over this past year–prioritizing paying off debt and saving money over travelling or buying stuff. It’s starting to sink in that we’re capable of making a plan and following through.

A year is a long time and a short time. In this past year, we’ve paid off our credit cards and line of credit, and two student loans. Just think what we can do in five years or ten. What about in fifteen-ish years, around when our kids will (hopefully) graduate from high school?  It feels good to hope that we can accomplish what we set out to achieve. It feels great to have faith in ourselves, for a change.


5 thoughts on “One Step Closer

  1. 🙂 That’s so wonderful!

    I’ve never been in debt, other than a car loan I chose to not pay off in full for the sake of building my credit. So I can only imagine the relief of being freed from that.

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