Mini Muffins!

After dreaming of one for months, I finally splurged and got a mini muffin tray! What set me off was my friend Capital Mom’s delicious banana and peach mini muffins that she brought over yesterday. I’m so excited. I haven’t made any mini muffins yet, but I’m going to today. We’ve hit a nice cool patch, so it’s perfect for baking. I’ll blog the recipe if they turn out well. (I also figure I could whip up some quick “two-bite brownies”!)

I’m putting on a tea party for my girl at the park tomorrow–can everyone say “mini cupcakes”!!!

Update, July 2: The mini cupcakes were a huge hit! And I just pulled a batch of mini banana-chocolate chip muffins out of the oven. The recipe made enough for one pan of minis and one pan of regulars. Normally I just fill the 12 muffins really full so this is like getting 24 minis for free! If you don’t have a mini muffin pan, I thoroughly support you going out and buying one right now. If anyone razzes you, you can blame it on me.


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