As of tomorrow morning I am on vacation! I will probably blog a little bit, but probably not with the regularity of recent weeks. Then again, with all the people to help with the little ones, I might just be blogging twice a day!

In the mean time I will be pondering my next challenge: Life Without Plastic! Is it even possible??? I actually doubt it. I’ll start by tracking the plastic that comes into my life over our vacation, and then when we’re back I’ll see if I can go a week without bringing any plastic into our house (I won’t be throwing it out on the street corner either).

So, wish me hot weather for swimming in lakes and free hours for knitting chic sweaters. I’ll be around . . .


2 thoughts on “Vacation!

  1. Enjoy your vacation. I have been trying to reduce my plastic consumption as well and lately I am finding it hard to do. I do like my plastic baggies (and after breaking another glass jar in the freezer (I overfilled it) its tempting to throw in the towel…. Can’t wait to see how you do. If you haven’t checked out the blog Fake Plastic Fish do so, it might give you some inspiration.

  2. Reducing plastic really has to be one item at a time. Looking at what comes in is a great place to start. We cut out the yogourt containers by making yogourt and the laundry detergent containers by finding a refill location.

    We bring in 4-6 tubs of cottage cheese a week. I have found recipes, but can’t find the rennet. Funny how I thought this was going to be so easy!

    I believe it is possible to go plastic-free, but that to do so will take months, if not a year to accomplish, simply because it involves, research, imagination and experimenting!

    I was delighted this week, though, when I looked at the plastic recycling bin and it was 50% lighter than it used to be!

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