A new way with oatmeal

Okay, that might sound like the most boring, nerdiest thing ever, but I’m really excited about this new way with oatmeal! I have always heard that oatmeal is a real “stick to your ribs” kind of meal, one that keeps you going all morning; well, I’ve never found that to be true . . . until now!

What is this fantastic method? It is as simple as soaking the oats overnight in water that has a small amount of yogurt whey added to it. This idea comes from Nourishing Traditions, a cookbook that, among other things, emphasizes soaking grains to make them more digestible and nutritious.

It makes a lovely soured flavour, and a creamy texture, and it boils up a lot more quickly (I use large flake). I have been eating it with yogurt and maple syrup. I had gotten into more of a toast routine for breakfast, but I’m happy to go back to oatmeal, especially as what I’m eating is now more delicious, nutritious and satisfying than ever before.

How do you like your oatmeal?

4 thoughts on “A new way with oatmeal

  1. I recently learned about soaked oatmeal. Since I have always eaten steel cut oats I have always found it filling and lasting, but I find I feel better when I soak them overnight. I soak them overnight with water and either (lemon, vinegar or kefir) then I cook them for 4 hours in the crockpot on low. I cook enough to eat oats 4 days of the week and its great. In the summer I don’t reheat them I add more Kefir and enjoy. (I drain my soaking water and rinse the oats before I cook them). In the winter I add dried fruit and cook them on the stove. I really, really like them this way.

  2. Sounds a little labor intensive but great for someone working out of their home.

    Me, I just put regular oats in a baggie….(to be heated in a micro)(geez that sounds so sad!!!)

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