Shampoo-free again

So I gave my “final analysis” of going shampoo-free (that is, washing my hair with baking soda and apple cider vinegar) last June, but sometime after that post, I went right back to using conventional shampoo. It just wasn’t working for me any more, and I was getting sick of smelling slightly acidic all the time.

But something prompted me to give it another try. I’ve been feeling more and more leery of conventional cosmetic products lately, so it could have been that. Or it could have been the shrinking supply of shampoo and the knowledge that I’m going to have to drop $13 or so pretty soon on another bottle. Probably the latter–I’m very motivated by cheapness!

So I dished up my baking soda and ACV in yogurt tubs and brought them to the bathroom, but this time I did something different. I added a couple of drops of lavender essential oil to the vinegar rinse. That was exactly what it needed. It cut the stink and replaced it with lovely floral fragrance. I love the smell of lavender, and knowing that I’m using a natural scent is so reassuring.

And how is my hair? It feels lovely and clean, shiny and soft, and it smells like English countryside. I’m back on the wagon, people!

One question I have though is how people package/transport their baking soda and vinegar in/to the shower. My yogurt tubs are a bit cumbersome (though the kids will probably play with them during their baths). Any cute dispenser ideas out there? Any suggestions welcome!

7 thoughts on “Shampoo-free again

  1. Because I have hard water I was heating 1 quart of water and then dissolving 2 Tbs of BS in it, and once it cooled I would pour it into a plastic honey jar that I could easily pour it out of. I then had my vinegar in an old vanilla bottle (plastic) that I kept a cinamon stick in. This made it easy and safe. The reason I fell of the No Poo wagon was that it was too drying for my scalp. So we are currently using a shampoo bar (and loving it) but I think I will switch it up and try the BS at least monthly, but possibly weekly and if I feel the need for a second wash it will be with the shampoo bar.

    1. I read your post about that–and I actually noticed my own scalp getting a bit flaky after I read about yours! Have you tried just doing ACV rinses, without the baking soda wash? I’ve heard some people do that most often and only do the baking soda once a month or something like that.

      Also, for some reason I can’t comment on your blog. Could it be because I use Google Chrome?

  2. I have tried every single vessel you could possibly ever even think to use for this. The conclusion?

    Oil drizlers. 🙂 they work PERFECTLY! I fill one up and it lasts me about 3 days. I use glass ones and am just careful about not breaking it, the glass is also pretty strong so it’s awesome.

    Annother conclusion, if you are away, pack the BS in a baggie and mix it in a pop bottle when you get to your destination and poke a hole in the top.

    Oh and stay away from spray bottles, they just do not work.

  3. I did try to use ACV when I wasn’t using BS washes, but I found that with my hard water it wasn’t working. I am going to try to go longer between washes and use BS just 1x per week instead of 2 or if possible 1x per month. I am not giving up on it, I just had to find some relief. Not sure why you can’t comment on my blog. I will send off an email to Google to find out why.

    Just got my whole house filter installed. Its not a water softener, it is a filter to remove the chlorine, and other nasty chemicals that present in the water. We shall see if with the filtered water I can use the BS again. I am out of shampoo bar and reluctant to go to the co-op so I am thinking about trying the BS again and seeing how that goes. At least until the next shareholders days where I can purchase the shampoo bar at 10% off :)♠

  4. i have tried the baking soda and acv thing but never seem to stick to it for long. my hair feels stripped when i use baking soda. my mum uses washing soda instead of baking soda and finds that really good. something cool to do with apple cider vinegar is if you steep dried lavendar flowers in it for a few days the acv turns red or pinky purple and smells much more like lavender and not so vinegary.

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