A little check-in

I’ve noticed lately that my posts have been very food-focused lately. I think that’s partly because I love food and doing weird interesting things with it, and also because we’ve cut down our spending so much, that food is our main flexible expense each month.

Cooking (and baking and fermenting and so on) is also a big hobby of mine, one that I cultivate because I figure it’s one of the cheapest hobbies around. Sure, I do invest in new equipment from time to time, but new equipment means new ways of doing things ourselves, improved nutrition, and new skills for me and some day for the kids.

For example, my Cuisinart food processor (a birthday present) allows me to make my own hummus. Hummus made at home from soaked dried beans is super cheap and super healthy, and now that I can make it at home, we have it at least once a week. If you split the difference with store-bought, I bet the machine has just about paid for itself by now.

So, at least for me, food is frugal. Cooking at home is frugal. Baking my own bread is frugal. Improving health by eating better is frugal.

. . . and sometimes even buying new kitchen equipment can be frugal 🙂


2 thoughts on “A little check-in

  1. I request new equipment as birthday and Christmas gifts. I requested a Cuisineart Blender/Food Processor the kind my mother has and my MIL bought me a top of the line food processor, we do use it quite a bit and DH loves it. Now to replace the dying blender….
    On my list of equipment currently:
    Canning Stuffs, including widemouth jars
    New Blender
    Cast Iron Cookware
    Nikor 50-200 lens
    I am sure I could come up with more, but this will do it for now. Yes I know the lens has nothing to do with food, but its something I won’t spend the money on myself.

    1. Food is a huge part of any family’s budget. Learning how to optimize the quality by making it yourself is definitely frugal. A box of cereal is really expensive compared to homemade oatmeal!

      We bought a cheap food processor when we got married and figured that if we really found it useful we’d upgrade when it broke. That was 25 years ago!!!! The darned thing still works and it is driving me nuts! We make humous, cookies, cakes, veggies… you name it.

      Peter and I grinned a couple of weeks ago, when we found it way too hard to get one of the attachments off the machine. I guess this means that for our 25th wedding anniversary, we are buying ourselves a new food processor and giving this old one to a student, since the mixer attachment works, just not the slicer.

      All this to say, really good cookware should last a very long time. Cast iron should last generations.

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