A little update

So, tomorrow night is pay time, and how did we do with our week and a half of minimal spending? Not so great, it turns out.

On the weekend, I had a sudden craving for the Nature, so we rented a car on Saturday and headed out to Gatineau park. It was great (except for “sharing the road” with a million cyclists in the park–why oh why didn’t someone at the National Capital Commission think to install bike lanes throughout the park???). We saw frogs, beavers, a cute cabin with a woodstove and delicious cedar scented walls. I came back refreshed and filled up with green, woodsy air.

Then afterwards we drove out to Alpenblick farm and bought some of their pasture raised meat. It was fantastic–we got to meet their ponies, goats, llama, sheep, cows, dog, cat, and pig, all happily roaming around the property. We got an education in their farming methods, which come from the Swiss Alps, and on the nutritional value of organic and pasture raised food. I recommend a visit to anyone in the area interested in pastured meat.

Then on Sunday I finally picked up my bucket of wheat from Castor River Farm at the Lansdowne Market. Yay! I now have what seems to be a limitless supply of wheatberries to turn into delicious nutritious food for my family. I was glad to still have the car to pick up the bucket because it was HEAVY!

All this ran us a pretty high bill, but apart from the car and gas (around $55), it was all food expenditure that will last us a good long time, not to mention bringing healthy organic locally raised food to our table.

One frugal decision was to pull our girl out of preschool. She loved it last year, but this year the classes are shorter, and none of her friends are there any more. She missed them so much! So we’re done with that, and will be taking advantage of the free school-board-run play group four mornings a week. The friends we missed at preschool go to play group three days a week, so we really get the best of both worlds.

At the end of the month we’ll assess everything, but I feel confident that we’re going to be doing okay with the one-income living.

Now what shall I do with my bucket o’ wheat? Stay tuned for a discussion on sprouted grain flour.


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