7 reasons it’s frugal to de-clutter

I mentioned in my last post that I’ve started on a path of getting my house in order. I’m in no way affiliated with Flylady, but I heartily recommend checking her out if you have any desire to become more organized and feel better about your home. Things are happening here, and it feels good.

This Friday I re-organized my entranceway and I finally feel proud of how it looks. And feels! It’s remarkable how wonderful it feels to enter into a tidy, organized space instead of a cluttered, cramped, smelly entrance (it’s where we keep our cat litter–no other place in our apartment that is also out of the way of baby fingers).

So I’ve been de-cluttering along with Flylady and I’ve been thinking about how frugal it is to get rid of our unwanted possessions. Here are some of the motivating thoughts I’ve come up with:

1. You will probably find some useful things. These might be useful things you’d lost, or things that have a new use since you last set eyes on them. Or even things you can give as gifts.

2. When you have fewer things, the things you have are easier to take care of. You will notice them more, appreciate them more and use them more, making them more valuable to you.

3. Giving your unwanted things away is an inexpensive way of donating to worthy causes. Whether your recipient is a charity thrift store or a silent auction going to a good cause, you can send wealth their way without spending a penny. In this way it benefits both you and the recipient.

4. Own less, want less. When you uncover (gasp) bare surfaces and clear floor spaces, you may discover the beauty of minimalism. Luckily minimalist decor is both hip and frugal.

5. When you have fewer cluttered areas, things have fewer places to hide. Thus, you may save money on library fines, late video fees, or the cost of replacing lost items.

6. If you have less stuff, you can live in a smaller place. Lower rent, lower heating costs, even lower moving costs.

7. Apparently the storage locker business has grown more than the music industry in the last few years. Free yourself of your excess stuff and you won’t need to rent a storage locker.

Not that the frugality of this project is what is spurring me on. The sheer enjoyment of my newly cleaned-up spaces is truly inspiring. But it’s nice to know there is a financial up-side too.

What are your goals for where you live?

3 thoughts on “7 reasons it’s frugal to de-clutter

  1. Hear! Hear!

    I am decluttering Flylady style at the moment, too! It feels sooooo good.

    We are thinking about moving, so everything I am tempted to keep gets these questions:

    1. Does it pass Flylady criteria?
    2. Will I have a place for it in the new, smaller place.
    3. Is it really worthy of paying someone to move it?

    I feel like I have more room, access to more stuff and less work once a room is finished!

  2. Another bonus of de-cluttering: getting your space back! We decided this weekend to build a greenhouse inside our shed (it has a clear plastic roof) for wintering our plants, but we didn’t have room – until we actually went through everything in there and discovered we had two shelves worth of stuff we could get rid of! Voila – the space we needed. Now we can use that space for something we really need and save our plants.

  3. I am with you there. Having my first floor 95% clean is a wonderful feeling and I am inspired to keep it that way and move to the upstairs to be clean. For that to happen I have to let go of my clutter. Ironically a Salvation Army Thrift Store has opened up, 2 blocks from me. I see them getting a couple of bags of shoes and such this weekend 🙂

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