Library Awesomeness!

If you know me or this blog at all, you may know that I heart the Ottawa Public Library. I heart it so much, and even more after finding this amazing awesome feature on their website. (Now, this is specific to the Ottawa Public Library, but I would bet that most public libraries, if not all, would have a similar feature. You will need to have an OPL card number and password to use the section I link to below.)

When shopping at the Herb & Spice I often peruse a magazine called “Natural Living” but I never buy it (being both frugal and in the process of de-cluttering). I figured it must be available at the library, but unfortunately my search of their holdings turned up zilch.

But a few weeks later my librarian friend was talking about databases, and I had a flashback from university. Databases . . . like those things that you can find articles and stuff on? The public library has those?? Oh yeah, baby!

So I followed the link called “Articles and Research“. I had never been to this section before, despite the fact that I visit the library website more than any other on the world wide web. Lo, there on the Articles and Research page, was a link titled “Search for Specific Magazines and Newspapers“.

Amazing? Yes.

I searched “Natural Life” and found my magazine, in full text, going back a decade, on about ten different databases. Clicked the link for eLibrary Canada, entered my library card number and password, and I found a full-text library of the magazine in its entirety.

It’s free. It’s easy. It’s paperless. It’s clutter-free.

Library awesomeness.


One thought on “Library Awesomeness!

  1. Thanks for noticing! You will also notice in the “Search for Specific Magazines and Newspapers” that you may browse by topic. For example, under “Please select a subject category”, you could choose “Earth & Environmental Sciences” and click on “Search”. This would bring up various sub-topics, including “Ecology” (which is where you would find Natural Living).

    Ottawa Public Library

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