Thoughts on bread: Peter Reinhart’s “Epoxy Method”

I got Peter Reinhart’s book on baking with 100% whole grains and I’ve been thinking about his methods vis-a-vis the Sourdough Bucket Bread.

In his book, he uses what he calls an “epoxy” method to get the most flavour out of the grains. He has two pre-ferments: a soaker and a starter or biga. And then on baking day, he mixes in some commercial yeast, and whatever other ingredients the dough calls for.

I’ve now done maybe 3 batches of the sourdough bucket bread, and though it is okay, it does come out a little heavy. I mean, it is a completely lean dough, so there is nothing to lighten or soften it up, so I’m not surprised that it’s a bit dense.

So here’s the thought: why not use a portion of bucket dough as the starter portion, and, following Peter Reinhart’s method, combine it with a soaker and some commercial yeast and other ingredients on baking day?

I mean, I could just follow one of his recipes directly, but it’s much more fun experimenting. It’s an idea . . . I’ll let you know if I try it!

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