The sci-fi weirdness of kombucha

I know anyone who tried my kombucha gave me that look like, “This is very strange.” But little did they know just how strange it is!!!

I left my kombucha brewing up on the shelf for the last few months, and I also left two jars of bottled kombucha sitting on the shelf to see if they became more bubbly. I had no idea what would happen, or just how weird it would become!

The big kombucha jar grew baby after baby, on top of each other, topped with one pancake over an inch thick!

And even stranger, both smaller jars grew babies from out of thin air–er, liquid! And not just one, but three or four super thick disks that ended up sinking down to the bottom of the jar.

The liquid inside smelled like a sweetish vinegar. I didn’t dare taste it, but I bet it would be something like plum vinegar and make for some interesting sweet and sour sauce. For someone very brave about consuming science fiction/science project outcomes.

This stuff is amazing. I’m still mulling over what application it could possibly have, to grow thick gelatinous forms that take the shape of their container. You could probably make some really freaky prank organs if you had the right shaped jars . . .

Then there’s the story I read about someone flushing their old scobys down the toilet and having them grow and fill her septic tank. It seemed like an urban (or rural) myth until I watched my own personal freakazoid creatures reproduce mysteriously.

So . . . you might think I would have given the project up after such a strange encounter, such bizarre and slightly frightening growth, such unexplained and strange smelling living organisms . . . but no. I’m back on the kombucha train. This time I’m brewing only one small jar. It just seems less frightening in smaller quantities.

Now that I know the kombucha cannot be killed. I might as well enjoy some tasty kombucha tea while I play host to this science fiction creature.

4 thoughts on “The sci-fi weirdness of kombucha

  1. Maybe through ingestion you can absorb this regenerative power? But the downside is you will also become partially a 1-inch pancake of hardened ooze.

  2. I used to love Kombucha tea. Is there any chance of getting one of those babies?

    I also have some good news for you about school, so get in touch!

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