Hello to Frankie II

A couple months back, I briefly mentioned that I received a serger for my birthday, affectionately named “Frankie”. Well, niggling at the back of my mind since receiving the gift, was the possibility that I could trade her in for a better model, one that does cover stitching.

Well the debate of should I or shouldn’t I has taken up WAAAAAY too much mental energy, mine and my family and friends’ (thanks for not disowning me, guys!). A very boring topic, to be sure.

I’ll spare my gentle readers the ins and outs of my debate, but I will tell you that I finally decided that I would trade up, a decision aided by the fact that the machine in question went on sale this week.

So, yay! I have me a new serger, one that can even do cover stitching! I wish I could tell you I’ve been sewing up a storm, but unfortunately I haven’t had the time. I did set her up on my old (and recently underused) desk, so whenever I have some free time, I will start on something.

I could certainly use some advice/inspiration for patterns to get for sewing for my kids. I’m thinking of New Look 6639, “Child Separates”, which has patterns for tee-shirts (long & short sleeved), leggings, and a dress. But I’m open to other suggestions!

And if anyone has advice on sewing some diapers, please pass it along because I would love to upgrade my boy’s prefolds to something a little more slim fitting.


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