Nourishing November

It’s been an intense few weeks. I’ve been really too much obsessed with food, most specifically, with cutting food out of my diet. And since I’ve already cut out nearly all processed food–we hardly buy anything that comes in a box anymore–paring down on basics like wheat, dairy and even peanut butter was making it incredibly hard to find enough to eat around here! Even with my Real Food Standbys!

I started to ask myself, “Why are you obsessing over food? What is the real issue here?” And the answer came: It’s all about nourishment. What with homeschooling, food shopping and preparing, keeping the house under control, and being there for my partner as well, I don’t find a lot of time to nourish myself.

So I started focusing on food, and in the back of  my mind has been the thought that if I get my diet *perfect* I will feel complete, whole, rested, healthy, unstressed, kind all the time, on top of every aspect of my life! Without ever needing to stop and rest or take myself out for ice cream!

Obviously, I need some real nourishment.

So I’ve decided that November is going to be about nourishing myself (and my family too, since we generally eat the same stuff!). This month, instead of worrying about what I shouldn’t eat, I’m going to take a “crowding out” approach this month, filling us up with yummy, healthy, diverse, colourful, unprocessed, organic,  and–can I even hope for it??–frugal foods. These foods will crowd out the less healthy and nutrient dense options, at least some of the time.

Some of my “crowding out” techniques:

– get more good into our smoothies by adding some good supplements like Omega-3s and greens and whatever else I can come up with (bee pollen? mineral powder?)

– we’re soon getting a half a side of beef (yay!) from a local farmer. This will crowd out the occasional less-than-ideal meat purchase from the grocery store.

– focusing more on power-packed snacks. I just bought the eBook, “Healthy Snacks To Go” by Katie Kimball of Kitchen Stewardship. I bought it with a handy coupon through the GNOWFGLINS webinar, “Frugal, Healthy Snacks”. If you act quickly you can probably ask for access to the re-play and get the coupon too! I’m in no way affiliated with either blog, and don’t make any money from your clicks, but I am impressed with the eBook, and am excited to make some power bars tomorrow!

– somehow eat more veggies, maybe by varying what I use in our daily lunch soups? (any suggestions welcome!)

– do more lacto-fermenting. I put up a delicious batch of kimchi-style sauerkraut last week, and made my first Beet Kvass. I’m inspired to do more!!

But besides all the food stuff, I’m going to work on nourishing myself in other ways as well this month. I need time outside the house, to be alone, away from the kids, to be with friends, to exercise and to buy a few needed items that will make me feel good (like new shoes and a pair of jeans!).  Because if I’m really going to go all the way with this homeschooling business, I’m going to need to care for myself too.

You need to put on your own oxygen mask first.

So, what about you? Are you going to have a Nourishing November too?

Found on this week’s Simple Lives Thursday, hosted by GNOWFGLINS.


One thought on “Nourishing November

  1. I love this post! I’m totally in. And thanks for the link to the crowding out post, I really like that idea and hope it will start to ease some of my food stress.

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