Foraging Friday: Burdock Root

Last Friday I went out foraging for Burdock root. This edible weed grows everywhere in the city. You can recognize it easily as it looks just like rhubarb, only its leaves are fuzzy and the stems are green rather than pink or red.

Armed only with a tiny spade, I went to work on digging it out. I dug and dug. I dug some more. I encountered rocks, roots and earthworms, and still I dug. I dug down nearly a foot! And that isn’t even a big one–I’ve seen online pictures of burdock roots nearly 3 feet tall!

I finally released my root from the earth and celebrated with a little dance and photo op. I took it home and stuck it in the fridge while I decided what to do with it.

In the end, I decided to slice it up and stick it in the dehydrator, as it is recommended as a herbal immune booster. I will read more about the medicinal qualities before trying it, but I am quite excited as its list of benefits is quite extensive.

On the downside, both the taste and the smell are . . . well, awful! Very bitter and astringent. I’m not sure if burdock is supposed to be so awful tasting, as it honestly doesn’t taste “edible” to me. Once again, more research is required!

But at least, for now, my curiosity about harvesting burdock is well satiated.


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