A Frugal Urban Relocation

We’ve moved! And while we’re a little less urban, and have been a little less frugal lately (moving’ll do that to ya!) I figure it’s about time to dust off the old blog and once again use it as a way to keep myself on the task of managing our finances and our lifestyle a little better.

A brief snapshot of our move: we’ve moved from Ottawa to Sudbury, where both I and my partner grew up, where we both have lots of family, where the housing market is better and we are able to afford a house on one income, and where my partner managed to land a good, interesting job that was a step up for him.

We’ve now been here for just over two months! Just enough time to settle in and start to assess our overall financial picture here. We now have a mortgage instead of rent, and have all these new, different bills like taxes and water that we didn’t have to pay directly before. We don’t have a car yet but that’s something we’re going to have to work into the budget. We’ve been spending more on organic food at the grocery store, and my partner has been going out more as he has reunited with long-time friends and suddenly has a more active social life than I do (which still isn’t saying a whole lot!).

So we’ve been a bit more spendy than we should be, and need to correct our course. I’d like to go back to a cash system for groceries and weekly “allowance” for me and my partner, and we will start contributing to our kids’ education savings plan (RESP). We need to allocate some money to home maintenance and repairs, and at some point we might just buy a car.

It’s become a bit of a point of pride that we’ve been able to be car-free for so long! But Sudbury is very much a car city. Incredibly we’ve made it two months without one (though we have rented several times in that short period), but come September I really want to participate in the homeschooling events that interest us. The population is lower here and more spread out, so there are fewer options as close to home as we were able to enjoy back in Ottawa.

As an aside, I’ve suddenly realized what a spoiled cyclist I was in Ottawa: it was so flat compared to here! I’m going to get some kind of strong legs hauling my trailer full o’ kids around these parts!

So there you have it! Our relocation has gone smoothly, and we’re very happy here. And now it’s time to buckle down a bit and return to frugality!


2 thoughts on “A Frugal Urban Relocation

  1. Great to hear from you. Congratulations on the house, and all the best with this new chapter. We are expecting a girl around August 10, so any day now 🙂 Gefen

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