PC Organics Diced tomatoes BPA Free

Great news! President’s Choice Organics brand diced canned tomatoes are now BPA free!

But please be cautioned: this is a new thing, and they seem to still be phasing out their old cans. Their whole tomatoes at my local store (Dumas’ Independent), are still in BPA cans.

The differences are:
– the not safe cans are a gold coloured metal, whereas the safe cans are silver coloured.
– the BPA cans have a shorter number and letter code (5 digits or so) imprinted (embossed) in the bottom, whereas the BPA-free cans have an ink-printed, much longer number on the bottom.

The best thing is, these tomatoes are the same price as my other grocery store favorite (conventional, with BPA cans)!

This switch is a no-brainer!


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