Three words for 2014

I just read an article the other day by blogger Chris Brogan which suggests choosing three words to focus your intention for the new year. Sort of like a New Year’s resolution, but a tad more general.

Mine came to me this morning: in 2014 I will Create, Engage, and seek Grace.


I am happiest when I am creating. Whether it is stirring up a batch of bread, casting on a new knitting project, or blogging something worthwhile, I love the feeling of adding something new to the world. I also like to think I am teaching my kids not just creative skills, but also a mindset of creation–not just consumption. However, it is all too easy to forget this in the midst of all the stuff that has to get done, so I’d like to remind myself to create more often.


In the same context as mindfulness, I find that I get more satisfaction out of life when I am more engaged with what I am doing or who I am with. As much as I HATE when the person I’m talking to on the phone is casually checking their email (yes, I can tell!!) I have done it too. Not good! I know I’m not following the conversation as closely as I would if I were simply engaged with what was happening. I would like to remind myself to be more engaged–in this as well as other facets of my life.


I would also like to become better at forgiving myself. I’m pretty good at forgiving others, but I can drudge up a naughty list a mile long on myself. One of the things I love about church is the reminder that Grace is there for us, whenever we ask. We can start over. It’s a new day. So when I slip up and check my email during a phone conversation(!), or when I buy those crackers instead of making them from scratch(!!!), or when I commit other more terrible sins, I can remind myself I’m only human. Not perfect. I can take a deep breath and accept that offer of Grace.

And go cast on a new pair of woolly mittens.

What are your words for 2014?

8 thoughts on “Three words for 2014

  1. I wholeheartedly identify with your description of create and engage. I am sick of too often being in the “to be and not to be” non-engaged state of mind. I also feel the need for “grace,” but my third word would be “study.” I find myself too often having to cut corners, and I feel that my knowledge and understanding of the world is not as rigorous and complete as it could be. I want to seriously study literature, physics and other things that will help me to understand physical and human nature better and retain what I learn.

    1. That’s a great plan for 2014 Gefen. How honourable to seek such rigour in your studies! As a mom (and as a human!) I find it so challenging to create and study in an engaged way, as there are so many distractions!! But hopefully by focusing in on these concepts we can give ourselves a starting point. Let’s check in a couple months from now to see how we’re doing!

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