We did some weaving at our most recent art class at the gallery, and it has inspired a bit of a unit study over here!

First, I cut out my paper loom that came in Issue 8 of the now-defunct Craft Magazine. Here it is in action:

Fun! We already made a small . . . thing . . . with the loom and now it has me thinking about making a larger loom. I’m really impressed with some medieval weighted-warp looms I’ve seen pics of.

I also dug up my copy of Silas Marner and am reading it to the kids. It is a story of a cottage weaver at the time when weaving was dying as a cottage art, and being taken up by large mechanized factories in the cities. (More appealing is the story line about his cold heart being warmed by a sweet little girl, Eppie, who comes to live with him).

Back to our own crafts, the neat thing about doing low-tech weaving is that it highlights the problems that higher-tech machines attempt to solve. I have a much better understanding of this process having attempted it.

I will let you know what else we come up with in our little unit study!


2 thoughts on “Weaving!

  1. I am very interested in the philosophy you are presenting here in this blog. Thank you for your recent comment on my blog, and I hope that we will meet some day since we are practically neighbours.

    I too am interested in weaving now – and am thinking about making myself a small loom so that I can do some narrow strips. Inspired by the weavers in west Africa who made large pieces out of narrow strips that were like a language.

    see you at my opening at artist on elgin I hope.

    1. Oh, thank you for commenting on MY blog 🙂 I’m honoured!

      The West African weaving you are talking about sounds fascinating. I would also love to hear more about your research into liturgical stitching (?) that you mentioned at your recent opening.

      I am certainly planning on making it to the opening, and will make a point to say Hi.

      All the best, Colleen

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