Heart shaped bird treats: very successful!

Just a little update on my bird treat tutorial (https://frugalurban.wordpress.com/2013/12/20/bird-treat-ornament-tutorial-good-last-minute-diy-hostess-gift-idea/): it’s been hugely successful! Here is what is happening daily right at our dining room window!

The tiny birdies announce their arrival with a series of peeps and chirps. They continue to peck chirpily for a few minutes before darting off. They come several times a day, and are absolutely delightful. If you don’t have any bird feeders yet, they are easy to DIY or really cheap to buy. If you are in an apartment, can you boldly find a nearby tree to hang a feeder in? I am just amazed at how much this has warmed my heart. And in such a cold winter, I need all the warming I can get!


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