Meal Planning Step 1: the list of meals

Now that you’re all motivated to start meal planning, here is the easy first step. Just by doing this one step, you will be 90% of the way to an easy weekly meal plan.

What it is
A list of all your favourite, usual recipes and meals.

How to do it
Simply brainstorm and list out all of the meals and recipes you usually make. You can do this for breakfast, lunch and dinner if you wish, but it is best to start with the largest meal of the day (in my case, dinners). Now is not the time to add new recipes; just focus on things you make regularly, or have made that you and/or your family have enjoyed.

Simplicity is underrated
When I was in Junior High (grade 7 and 8), and maybe even into high school, I had this bizarre notion that I could not under any circumstances wear my hair the same way twice. It goes without saying that I came up with some pretty weird styles. Thank goodness I snapped out of it; I don’t think my current Homeschooling Mom schedule would allow for that kind of maintenance! Now I wear my hair the same every day, with a slightly fancier ‘do on the rare occasions that I dress up & go out.

I think some folks have a similar impression regarding meals, no doubt spurred on by the exploding cookbook industry and Food TV, etc. Contrary to all of that, I think it is perfectly fine to rotate a rather small number of meals over a month. Everyone and every family needs to discover their comfort level regarding variety, but my way has been to start simple and branch out only if & when people start complaining.

Okay! All done your list? Treat it like gold, because it’s going to save you time, money and energy.

Stay tuned for Step 2.


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