Some differences between School and Homeschool, to help you stop worrying

I recently wrote this on Facebook to a mom who was just starting to homeschool, and worrying about her son’s learning. I thought it might help some other homeschoolers out there, so here it is: A few differences between school and home to help you not worry

– a teacher has 30 or so students; you have way fewer
– a teacher must assess all 30 students, and show that assessment to an outside authority; you don’t need to show assessment to anyone–unless you have a really worried partner, or need to report to a school board
– so your assessment can take many different forms, not just a stack of 30 homework pages
– at school, kids have at least a couple different teachers over the course of the day, they go outside for recess and lunch, under the care of different teachers and supervisors. They have a bus driver or two. And then they come home and “tell you about their day” . And then next year they get another set of teachers.
– conversely, at home, You Are Constant! They are with you all day, including lunch, “recess” and “bus” time. Not only that, but you are constant across their whole Lives! Think of the millions of learning connections you can help them to make simply because you are always there. You can connect the trip you took 2 years ago with the documentary you are watching, with what you had at the restaurant yesterday. This is huge!
– learning outside of school is just so totally and completely different than what is necessary at school. And I just looked mostly at the learning and assessing differences, leaving out the social and disciplinary differences.
– so please take some time and just live and make your lives as fun and lovely as possible, and then maybe start writing down what your child IS learning, and what she DOES like, and see if you can give her more of that šŸ™‚
– and also keep track of the kinds of things you like doing with them, and how you like teaching, and consider your favourite teaching style along with your kids’ preferred learning style. It is a combination of You, your Kids, and the curriculum, however you define that.

And don’t forget to have fun!!!! It is a great privilege to have the chance to be with them every day


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