I have been thinking a lot about healing these days. On one hand, about emotional healing regarding me and my kids, our relationships, and about me as a mother/former child. And on the other hand, physical healing in light of my arteries, which I recently found out are “moderately narrowed” (with “perfect” cholesterol levels, very uncommon for someone my age).

I believe I will heal in both areas, and I am itaking responsibility in each area to improve my emotional and physical health. I am approaching my healing in direct ways that are as basic as possible, not to over-simplify, but to increase my chances of continuing these therapies. Also, I figure it is best to first try the easy things that are recommended so generally as to be almost mundane, before trying more complicated or costly measures.

For the most part, the steps are interconnected, addressing both areas of health. For example, I have started to take an evening walk, which gives me time to pray and invite God to be present with me, and which releases endorphins, all of which help both my physical and emotional health. Meditation is also in this category, as it has been recommended by so many traditions for both emotional and physical well-being. Prayer too has been said to improve health generally.

I am also excited to start trying some other more specific therapies to try to elicit a placebo response in my body. That may seem weird, like saying “I want to believe something false”, but there is nothing false about the healing that people experience through the placebo effect. The body has amazing healing powers, and one’s attitude has a lot of power to either enhance or detract from wellness. I am making the decision to 1) believe that I can heal, and 2) try many things to see what might work.

My doctor told me, “There is nothing you can do. Take a baby aspirin every day, and we will test you again in a year.” Well, I am not going to do nothing. There are so many therapies to try, and a year is a nice long time to test their effectiveness. Here are some of the things I may try (if my health insurance will cover them):
– changing my drinking water. Chlorine and fluoride are toxins, which may compromise my body’s ability to heal. I will see what options are available.
– taking Ginkgo extract. It is recommended for improving circulation, so who knows! – trying Chiropractic or an Osteopath if I hear a good recommendation
– finding some Natto, a high source of vitamin K2 which is supposed to help the body appropriately metabolize calcium so it doesn’t end up in the arteries. – eating more veggies, as just about everyone recommends this! – and as mentioned above, walking and meditation and writing

Most of all, I don’t want to stress myself out, because that would compromise my healing, both emotionally and physically. So I am taking this on as a fun experiment, to see what I can do in a year.


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