One Word for 2015

imageI’ve written before about how much I love New Year’s. I love the idea of starting fresh, re-focusing on what is important, re-dedicating myself to living my values in every way I can.

Of course, we can always have the grace to begin again every day, every moment, but I also love the energy of the symbolic re-boot of the New Year. It is a holiday that grabs hold of so many of us, inspiring reflections, lists, decisions and resolutions.

Last year, inspired by “One Word” New Years posts around the world, I posted my (no less than) Three words for 2014! They were Grace, Create and Engage. And they worked their magic through my year.


I was more deliberately forgiving of myself, and continue to work on extending this energy out to those around me. I practiced grace in letting go of others’ mis-steps, and I soaked it in when those closest to me accepted my apologies for days when I was grumpy, or when I said the wrong thing. It has been teaching me how very human we all are, and helped me to see how a lack of grace can hold us back from enjoying good relationships with others–and even with ourselves.


My most exciting creation this summer was my square foot garden, with delicious tomatoes, juicy cucumbers, and surprisingly beautiful flax. I also work every day to create a peaceful home, an atmosphere of love and acceptance, and to create the kinds of nurturing relationships I really want in my life. This word has helped me to be active in choosing the life that I want, that is rich with my values.


And I still try to Engage with my kids, and with everyone I am with, as much as possible in every moment. It is hard. It is so challenging, I often feel like I am failing. In fact, I do often fail, letting my own work, my interests, my thoughts, take me away from really being present with the one I am with. It is a life’s challenge, one I accept, because the energy of those times when I can engage and really Be there with a friend, my mom, dad, sister, husband, child, those are the moments when I feel I am really making a difference in this world.

This year

Today I nursed my heirloom yogurt culture back to life after I left it in the back of the fridge for almost 3 weeks over Christmas. I got busy, and yogurt making fell to the wayside. It is supposed to be refreshed every week or the culture diminishes, and loses the power to culture a batch of yogurt. I had almost given up hope, but then I reflected on my experiences with sourdough and kombucha, two resilient cultures that can be brought back to life after weeks of dormancy, with just a little bit of regular feeding and some tender care. Could my heirloom yogurt culture be the same?

I decided to try: I took a spoonful of the sad, separated culture from the fridge and made a new batch. It looked okay, and so I made another batch just a day later. And with just two refreshes, my culture is back to its old perky self, making delicious healthy yogurt for me and my family. My culture was resilient; it came back to life in response to my diligence, care and attention. It was there waiting for me all along.

From this experience comes my One Word for 2015: Revive!

Bringing back to life, re-energizing, reinvigorating. That is the energy I am calling on in 2015.

And I have something big planned. Really big. I hope you’ll join me. It’s going to be an amazing year!

What’s your One Word for 2015?


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