Links for Week 1: Gratitude and Frugality–52 Weeks of Frugal Living

I’ve received a few nice positive comments from readers saying they got a lot out of my kickoff post. I’m thrilled that you are thinking about how gratitude can give a boost to your frugal living! This week the kids and I are all sick with a little cold and my nerves are somewhat frayed. So let’s just say I needed these reminders this week–maybe more than you!

Here are some links to inspire gratitude this week

Healthy relationships are foundational to a frugal life. This is why my first link is a meditation on using gratitude to heal relationships, from the Frugal Feminista, (contains a link to a gratitude meditation by Deepak Chopra).

This piece on Wise Bread details some ways to give thanks frugally.

Here’s some reinforcement for how gratitude augments a frugal mindset from Coupon Shoebox.

And finally, this nice piece from the Healthy Family Cookin blog has a great picture that just sums it all up.


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