. . . and moving on! (LOL)

So, I guess that was “Two Weeks of Frugal Living” . . . and about 40 more of just living 😉

When I missed week three, I felt like I had to catch up.

When I missed week four I felt like I COULDN’T catch up.

And when I missed week five and six and so on, I just kinda GAVE up!

But here we are at week whatever, and you know what? I’ve missed my blog. I’ve missed just . . . writing. Not trying to monetize or write a blog book (blook?) or doing some kind of amazing series to grow my readership, or trying to sell Bundles. Just writing. Telling my story. Working through the things that come up, in hopes that what I write will resonate with someone, somewhere.

So, let’s just pretend that never happened, shall we? Let’s just act like nothing really happened! Let’s soak up that grace that lets us begin again, forgive ourselves, and just move on.


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