Some Really Big Changes

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Part of the reason I haven’t posted in the last few months is because things have been changing so much and so quickly that I’ve hardly had a solid place to stand and say, “This is where we’re at”. But now that school has started, I can finally feel some firmness.

Yes, I said the “s” word: this September, my kids started school for the very first time. We didn’t plan for this to happen, but when my partner lost his job at the end of June, we knew I had to head back into the workforce. I am thankful that the public school system is there for us, to get us through this time, and actually my daughter is enjoying school. My son is having a harder time adjusting, but I’m confident it will get easier for him as time goes on.

You might guess that our summer was a tad on the crazy side. I put a lot of energy into looking for work, and the kids got a lot of Daddy time 🙂 And then when the election was called in August, my partner got the call: would he come to Ottawa to work for the election?

It wasn’t a hard decision, though it has not been completely easy living with the consequences. He went away to work in early August, and I’ve been “single mom” since then! I have gained so much respect for single-parent families through this experience. I don’t know how they do it!

When he went, I had already secured a new job, so we were able to enjoy a few days together just enjoying a little holiday before he started work. This was lovely, as the whole summer had been spent in budgetary lock-down, as we didn’t at that time know where our next paycheques were coming from.

Luckily I had the end of the summer to enjoy with the kids, working just a couple of days per week to get my feet wet before I started full-time in September. We soaked it up: swimming, heading to the cottage, and a weekend in Ottawa.

So now here we are: new job for me, new school routines for the kids, and my partner away for almost five more weeks. The big changes are behind us, so now it’s just getting through to the end. And when he comes back . . . who knows? There will be more changes, that is the only thing certain.

But all in all, I trust that there are good wishes for us, and that no matter what happens, there will be love, hope and beauty just living to be seen.


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